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Biological Data Management

Protecting IP, identifying and tracking Biologics

Our web-based Bioregister fully integrates with Studies Notebook and Inventory to give biologists complete informatics coverage of their laboratory workflow.


Bioregister is a web-based platform for registering biological entities and managing data associated with their production (protein expression, purification and characterisation). Bioregister is designed to meet the needs of protein scientists who are looking for an easy way to keep track of sequence information and any batches of protein produced for those sequences.

Some key features related to sequence management include:
- Starts from DNA not protein sequences
- Keeps track of lineage of entities
- Easily generate mutated sequences
- Residue scan facility for fast generation of series of point-mutated sequences
- Easily combine mutated sequences
- Sequence alignment using tracked relationship to wild type sequence, or standard algorithms
- Automatic calculation of various properties (MW, pI, extinction coefficient)
- Handles residues/mutations in alternative numbering systems (for protein family numbering systems, chimeras, etc)
- Query sequences: e.g. easily find all sequences that have a mutation in a specific residue in the protein family numbering system

Some key features related to protein production data management include:
- Manages data from the protein production process, linked to a biological sequence
- Prevents loss of information by centralised data storage
- Keeps track of expression vectors, protein tags, expression levels, purification protocols, protein concentrations, purities etc
- Customise the system to your needs; it is very easy to extend the data entries stored within each step of the protein production process to meet your specific requirements
- Store any number of documents at each step (pictures of blots, protocol descriptions etc.)
- Entirely web-based, so it is easy to use, easy to manage, can be accessed from anywhere and does not require any client installation