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Chemistry for MS Office

Dotmatics for Office - Adding scientific intelligence to Microsoft Office™

Dotmatics for Office reduces time and transcription errors when creating reports and presentations by using Browser to retrieve data or simply sketch chemistry.

Dotmatics for Office enables Chemistry in Microsoft® Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. These familiar applications now understand chemical structures just like text or numbers. Spreadsheets, presentations, documents and emails can be linked to scientific data sources with Browser or incorporate chemistry locally via chemical editors (e.g. Elemental) or by importing structures from sdf or mol files. When an email or document contains lists of corporate identifiers, you can quickly retrieve associated data from a database.

Some of the key features of Dotmatics for Office include:
- Unified functionality across Office applications
- Pull and push data with Browser and Vortex
- Speed up report writing with formatted paragraphs or tables of chemistry data
- High performance searches across data sources

Microsoft Office Excel

Dotmatics for Office adds a chemistry dimension to Excel spreadsheets. Some of the key features include:
- Import/Export SD files
- Retrieve data from Browser
- Sketch structures
- Search by chemistry
- Use your own filter labels for searching
- Calculate properties like XLogP, Lipinski, Structure to Name, etc
- Send to Browser or open in Vortex
- RGroup decomposition
- API for Macro support

Microsoft Word, Outlook & PowerPoint

Dotmatics for Office saves scientists time when creating reports containing data stored in a database, and reduces transcription errors.

Some features include:
- Sketch structures
- Get structures from an ID or list using Browser
- Get preformatted text or data from Browser avoiding transcription errors
- Publication quality printing