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Fluidnatek LE-100

µ-Trac 4200 Microbiological Impedance Analyser
µ-Trac 4200 Microbiological Impedance Analyser
µ-Trac 4200 Microbiological Impedance Analyser

The electrospinning machine Fluidnatek LE-100 is an advanced R&D tool with the flexibility to suit the most advanced electrospinning or electrospraying projects. It possesses a large experimental chamber and wide range of optional upgradable features. It is compatible with an AC unit for climate control, which can be added at a later time, making it an ideal machine for conducting precise research, development, or small-scale production activities. Ideal electrospinning equipment for advanced research, extremely flexible for carrying out all kind of experimental arrangements and able to be equipped with non-conventional advanced features.

Selected Specs and Features:
• Large experimental chamber for flexible configuration.
• Ultimate control of all processing parameters.
• Ultra-advanced electrospinning device with hygienic design.
• Actively regulated exhaust system with pressure sensing.
• Coaxial electrospinning configuration (or even tri-axial).
• Solvent resistant for effective cleaning and cleanroom compatibility.
• Touch control interface with data logging multi user-level access.
• Up to 20 emitters for increased productivity.
• Programmable X, Y and Z axes motion for patterned deposition.
• Exchangeable rotating collectors with scanning motion emitter.
• Optional second spinning stage for processing two materials at the same time.
• Compatible AC unit for temperature and humidity control.
• Safety interlock.

Some Applications:
• Tissue Engineering
• Controlled Drug Release
• Nutraceutical Encapsulation
• Actives Encapsulation


Please note: various other applications can be carried out using the same or different model. For more applications check out the entire Bioinicia range of products or write to us!