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Multi Shot Model

Multi Shot Model

The Multi Shot model is the ideal research tool for small processing (up to 80ml sample volume). It has the ability to process solid samples, frozen samples, cell paste, suspended samples and fluid samples quickly and efficiently. Work and results can be scaled up through the range.


Incorporates our unique disruption head and precise hydraulic operating and control system
Quick and easy to use
Disruption pressure easily and accurately set and displayed digitally with a range of 1KPSI through to 40KPSI as standard
Ultra low loss
Contained during operation
No need for compressed air or connection to gas bottles, just plug in and switch on.
Pressure consistent and stable during disruption cycle
Disrupter head mounted in stainless steel tray to avoid spillage
Easily dismantled for manual cleaning and autoclaving
Allows loading of solid sample, cell paste or suspended sample
Collection cup provided can be transferred to and from ice or freezer for temperature control
Materials in contact with sample, 316L and F51 duplex stainless steel or equivalent, synthetic sapphire, EPDM, GLFPTFE & PEEK 450G
IQ/OQ available on request