Particle Shape Analyzer

Particle Shape Analyzer

Dynamic Image / Particle Shape Analyzer
Particle size analyzers have rendered results with the assumption that all particles are spherical. However, not all particles are spherical. Particle shape information about raw materials enables manufacturers to control their process with a much higher level of sensitivity. The Particle Shape Analyzer is a dynamic image analyzer which is ideal for applications where the particle shape, not just the diameter, is critical information.

Features :

• Three size range model options - 1 to 150 µm, 3 to 300 µm, and 10 to 800 µm.
• A camera with unique optics, high frame rate, and high resolution enables the analysis of tens of thousands of particles in seconds. Data for all shape parameters are
displayed real-time
• Select from 28 size/shape parameters for the best match to the particles being analyzed
• All analyzed particles have thumbnail images saved for post-run viewing and shape filtering to view only a specific selection of particle types
• Recirculating sample module and optics enable statistically valid measurements in a very short amount of time
• The standard system is compatible with aqueous as well as organic and inorganic fluids