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Powdered Impedance Media

Powdered Impedance Media

Microbiological nutrient media are particularly important for use in impedance analysis. For quantitative analyses in universal media it is not only important that the most diverse microorganisms from different product batches grow well, they must also yield comparable detection times in an impedance analysis. This comparability is only guaranteed if all the separate components used, particularly the peptones and biological extracts, are absolutely compatible.

For selective media a significant factor is the interaction between the best nutritive components for growth and the inhibitors used. As selective media need to be fundamentally more selective for the impedance process in comparison with conventional selective media in order to achieve a corresponding specificity, the nutritive components must be selected especially carefully and matched together batch by batch.

At SY-LAB every batch is investigated, with precisely defined test strains for characteristics impedance parameters such as impedance detection time (IDT)and formation of growth signal. Only after most thorough comparison of these parameters with the corresponding specifications and the results of a similarly investigated batch it is released for sale.

The BiMedia product line from SY-LAB continuously undergoes outstanding quality control which actually makes it possible to guarantee the impedance specific performance. These media which have been developed specifically for use in impedance analysis shall be used for routine investigations to ensure a corresponding performance.

If using standard formulations or media developed in-house, these should be validated with diligence against a reference process.