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Biomonitoring Using Daphnia - DaphTox II

Biomonitoring Using Daphnia - DaphTox II

A complete range of online toxicity monitoring instruments using living organisms - daphnia, algae and fish to detect toxins in real time.
Applications for river and dam monitoring, drinking water surveillance and protection.

DaphTox II - Biomonitoring using Daphnia

Sensitive detection of toxic substances in water via computer-assisted digital image analysis

The bbe DaphTox II observes daphnids, commonly known as "water fleas", under the influence of constantly running sample water. Based on the Extended Dynamic Daphnia Test, bbe developed a new sensitive method to detect hazardous compounds in water from rivers (source-water protection), plants, distribution systems and production drains to preserve human health and to monitor water.

Sensitivity data are available here.

Sample water (0.5 - 2 l/h) continuously runs through the measuring chamber containing the daphnia. The live images obtained using a CCD-camera are evaluated online with an integrated PC to analyse changes in the behaviour of the daphnia. If the change is statistically significant, an alarm is triggered. The method of image analysis enables a series of measurement methods and plausibility tests to assess the daphnia's behaviour using different criteria.

Measurement using digital image analysis

Measurement parameters of the daphnia

Observation of Speed Parameters :
• average speed
• speed distribution
• distance between daphnia

Observation of behaviour :

• swimming height
• location
• fractal dimension: measurements
• for turns and circling movements, curviness

Observation of growth :
• determination of daphnia size


Surface water applications
• dam monitoring
• waterway analysis and assessment
• general environmental monitoring

Drinking water applications
• intake assessment
• drinking water supply

Research applications
• risk analysis
• limnological work
• research and education