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Upright Microscopes - ZEISS Axio Lab.A1

Upright Microscopes - ZEISS Axio Lab.A1

• Ergonomically designed modular laboratory microscope for BF / DF / Fl and Phase contrast
• Option for LED illumination including fluorescence
• Digital imaging with documentation

Safety and TUV-approved Ergonomics - for Efficient Days in the Lab

Axio Lab.A1 was created for your daily work in the laboratory. This compact microscope always works reliably and cost-effectively, offering the highest performance. You can use all of the common
contrasting techniques: brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, and fluorescence. You can enjoy intuitive imaging with the free software ZEN lite.

A particular bonus for long-term users is the TUV-certified ergonomic stand. This means that you can see your specimens from a comfortable viewing height and your neck and shoulder muscles will stay relaxed - even when you spend long days in the lab.


Designed for broad usage, Microbiology, Cytology, Haematology , Bi-refringent structures, pathology labs and school , colleges will benefit particularly.