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VisionX Comparison Microscope

VisionX Comparison Microscope


Introducing the VisionX comparison microscope. With exceptional craftsmanship and superior optics, and designed with industry best practices and the examiner's workflow in mind, VisionX is more than a comparison microscope - it's a solution dedicated to helping you solve more crime.


From the crime scene, to the forensic lab, to the courtroom, crime-solving success is dependent upon people, processes, and technology. VisionX is the first solution to combine a comparison microscope system with ballistic identification technology, all the while being mindful of the examiner. The VisionX comparison microscope is available in three distinct configurations that range from standalone, to IBIS®-integrated, to multiuser supported.


• Advanced optical module for clearer simultaneous binocular and video/photo observation
• Motorized magnification changer, objective changer and optical operating modes
• Optional remote control via VisionX software
• Integrated control unit and power connection for LED ring-and spotlight
• Ability to use any combination of surface light, transmitted light fluorescent, LED, and UV
• Mechanical drive of left and right object holder and accessories