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Spectroscopic Ellipsometers

Spectroscopic ellipsometer family
SENresearch 4.0

The SENresearch 4.0 covers the widest spectral range
from 190 nm to 3,500 nm

. Widest spectral range and highest spectral resolution
. No moving parts with SSA principle
. Full Mueller matrix by innovative 2C design
. SpectraRay/4 comprehensive ellipsometry software

Cost-effective Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Film thickness and optical constants between 370nm and 1,050 µm wavelength

. Variable angle of incidence
. More than 500 wavelength points in a few seconds
. Easy-to-use recipe oriented software SpectraRay LT

Infrared spectroscopic ellipsometer


. Horizontal sample stage
. Motorized variable angle of incidence
. Sample mapping capability

. Purged IR optics for low water vapor concentration
. SpectraRay/4 comprehensive ellipsometer software