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Brochure Product Guide

Taylor Hobson is the definitive name in the manufacture of surface finish, form and roundness measurement systems, as well as electro optical alignment and leveling inspection instruments. Founded in 1886 in Leicester, UK, our reputation for excellence is built on more than 100 years of product innovation and engineering integrity.


Our understanding of the different needs of our customers has helped our business grow into a leading global operation, with local agents and subsidiaries equipped to provide the highest customer service in over 50 countries.

Taylor Hobson's vast metrology expertise ensures that our customers remain at the cutting edge of their industries. We offer a "try before you buy" program and a product consultancy service that enables customers to find the most suitable instrument(s) for their measurement application as well as their budget.

And our support doesn't stop there. Once our customers have decided on a product, we will install it, test it, train the operators how to use it and provide expert technical support during its entire lifetime.