Agilent End-to-End Genomics Workflow Solutions

Agilent offers a broad variety of high-quality workflow solutions for various applications within genomics. Find everything you need to create your genomics workflow, from lab sample to library preparation, enrichment or hybridization, quality control, data analysis, interpretation, and reporting.

We, Labindia Instruments Pvt. Ltd. are proud to announce our partnership with Agilent Technologies for their Life Science - Genomics product portfolio for entire South India.

Agilent Technologies provides trusted answers to the Life Science industry and Labindia is a well-known solution provider in this industry for 35+ years in India.
We will be responsible to promote the following product lines from Agilent namely

Automated Electrophoresis

1. Agilent provides industry leading automated micro fluidics based electrophoresis the Bioanalyzer Systems.

2. Automated electrophoresis solutions for QC of DNA and RNA Tape Station Systems and Fragment Analyzer Systems.

3. For quantification down to femtogram level Femto Pulse Systems.

4. For high-throughput screening of thousands of DNA fragments per day ZAG DNA Analyzer Systems.

AriaMx Real Time PCR machine

SureScan Microarray Scanner - Laser-induced two colour fluorescence scanning solution.

CGH & CGH+SNP Microarray Platform - widely adopted by cytogenetic labs running pre- and post-natal, preimplantation and cancer clinical research.

Magnis NGS Prep System - Automated complete system for NGS library preparation.

Next Generation Sequencing - Hybrid capture-based target enrichment and Amplicon based technologies for target enrichment and amplification.

Mutagenesis & Cloning - Fastest and latest generation kits, competent cells, vectors, and enzymes.

CRISPR/Cas9 - An Integrated System for In-vitro CRISPR/Cas9 Research.

We provide complete end to end solutions for the above cutting edge technologies, to enable you to focus on your research and science.