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Material Characterization Solutions
With over 20 years developing and manufacturing particle characterization instruments, Bettersize has introduced breakthrough technology in the field of particle size & shape measurement. By achieving high quality and superior performance, our instruments provide precise analysis results of particle size, particle shape, and powder characteristics, helping scientists and engineers to understand material properties, facilitate research and improve production efficiency.

Bettersize product line for particle size and shape analysis includes instruments of all needs and budgets, from basic to advanced research models. These instruments are widely applied in Pharmaceuticals, Battery materials, Mining and minerals, Metals, Chemicals and Surface coatings, measuring materials with size ranges from nanometer to millimeter. Focused on technology innovation, instruments manufacturing, application support and after-sales services, Bettersize provides expertise and professional solutions and assures customers the highest confidence in our products.

Particle analysis and testing
Bettersize instruments offer three categories of particle properties analysis - particle size distribution, particle shape analysis and powder characteristics testing. The parameters determined with these analyses are crucial to physical properties of raw materials and the final application of products. Intelligent software enables automatic pre-programmed calculation for all parameters including particle size distribution, refractive index, aspect ratio and etc. Measured results can be customized in multiple formats of graphs and tables, which can be exported as required.