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Dynamic Vapor Sorption

Dynamic Vapor Sorption

Dynamic Vapor Sorption
Dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) is based on the gravimetric determination of vapor adsorption isotherms. By varying the vapor concentration surrounding a sample and measuring the change in mass it produces, rate and quantity of a solvent adsorbed by a sample can be measured. Vapor concentration is achieved by mixing saturated and dry gas streams. A microbalance measures changes in weight as sample sorbs or desorbs vapor. The DVS systems are excellent tools for examining the effects of relative humidity on a variety of products.

DVS Advantage

The DVS Advantage uses dry air or dry nitrogen as carrier gas. The user can select one of any two vapor sources, originating from liquid organic solvents or water held at the same temperature as the DVS. When the dry carrier gas passes through a solvent, it becomes saturated with the vapours of that solvent. Precise control of the ratio of saturated and dry gas flow is enabled with mass flow control combined with the use of unique real time vapour concentration monitoring. A known concentration of the selected vapour then flows over a sample suspended from a recording ultra-microbalance, which measures the change in weight caused by sorption or desorption of the vapour molecules. These dynamic flow conditions enable the adsorption/desorption processes to be so rapidly studied.


Single finger access for fast sample loading
High performance digital microbalance.
Pre-heating of the sample up to 150 °C
Experimental temperatures from 5 °C to 60 °C
Full digital control of sample pre-heater and analysis temperatures.
Multiple vapor reservoirs for rapid change from water to organic solutes.
Multi-component vapor capability option
Unique-in-line transducer technology for measuring real time organic or water vapor concentrations.
Near Infra-Red (NIR) and Raman fibre optic ready instruments
DVS Color Video option with full data annotation of digital images
Modular sample manifold
Smart Windows operator interface with full 21CFR part 11 compliance
Comprehensive data analysis macros and advanced macros with 21CFR part 11 compliance
Optional comprehensive Isotherm software
Second-generation organic leak sensor
Dedicated worldwide applications and technical support|

Applications :

Moisture uptake behavior of food and natural materials
Stability and caking of food ingredients
Moisture diffusion into blister packaging systems
Moisture sorption of hydrophobic pharmaceutical materials
Surface energies and surface areas of powders using organic vapor probes