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Ice Flaking Machine

Ice Flaking Machine
Ice Flaking Machine

The Telstar Icemakers are the only Icemakers which are specifically designed for the laboratory. Compared with regular commercial machines the IF series offer some unique design specifications.

Features and Benefits
Safety System for ice production: A robust temperature sensor will automatically switch off the ice production as soon as the ice reaches the top of the storage bunker.
Easy to clean condenser filter: Unique in the market! The condenser filter can be cleaned without the use of any service tool. This results in easy maintenance and a longer lifetime for your system.

MODEL No: IF90 IF150
Ice production 90 kg / 24 hours 150 kg / 24 hours
Storage bunker capacity 30 kg 55 kg
External Dimensions W x D x H mm 500 x 660 x 690 738 x 690 x 920
External material Stainless Steel
Noise level according
NEN-EN-ISO 11202
48 dB (A) 49 dB (A)
Adjustable feet Feet adjustable between 110 mm & 150 mm
Drain Standard drain for melting water
Electrical 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Weight 67 kg 94 kg
Gross weight (including flake ice) 79 kg 149 kg
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