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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer / model "F-2700" (Standalone)

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer / model

The operation panel (display and keyboard) is standard installed. Use of PC is optional.

Features :

High sensitivity :
Although it is a basic model, its sensitivity has not been compromised. Sensitivity is at par with higher models.

3-D measurement : Using the PC and Fl Solution software, 3 dimensional spectrum can be created for accrate identification of a compound.

Variable slit : It helps to strike the right balance between resolution and light throughput. High sensitivity is achieved using the appropriate slit width for relevant samples.


Variety of accessories : Quantum Yield Measurement accessory which is unheard of for a basic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer. Accessories for measuring samples at high temperature and at liquid Nitrogen temperature. All kind of solid samples can be analysed using the solid sample holder.

Specifications :

Item Description
Operation mode Stand-alone or PC operation
Wavelength range 220 - 730 nm (both Ex & Em) (extendable to 800 nm)
Light source 150W Xenon lamp (self-deozonating lamp house)
Wavelength Accuracy 2 nm
Sensitivity 800 or more (RMS) (bandpass 5nm, response time 2 S)
Bandpass 2.5, 5, 10, 20 nm (both Ex and Em)
Wavelength scan speed 60 - 3,000 nm/min (four steps), 12,000 (when PC control)

Applications : F-2700 can be used to analyse samples in the fields of material, environmental, chemical and biological applications. Samples could be in the form of solid or liquid. Following are few examples of its applications-

• Fluorescent quantum yield measurement of powder sample of MgWO4

• Measurement of fluorescent spectra of CD/Se quantum dots

• Measurement of DNA with PicoGreen

• Measurement of green fluorescent protein (GFP) Measurement of chlorophyll a in river    water

• 3-D fluorescence spectrum of Pheophytin a