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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Model “F - 4600” ( PC controlled )

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer model “F-4600” (PC controlled)

A research grade Fluorescence Spectrophotometer with high sensitivity, high scanning speed having capability of multi-mode analysis.


Features :

Horizontal beam geometry : It allows to use low quantity of sample (0.6 ml) for measurement. Very useful for biological samples.


Automatic pre-scan function : This function ensures automatic and fast selection of optimum excitation and emission wavelengths for unknown samples.

Very high scanning speed : Scanning speed of 30000 nm/min useful for rapidly degrading samples.

Multi-mode analysis : Analysis in the modes of fluorescence, luminescence and phosphorescence. Measurement of phosphorescence lifetime down to 1 ms without any additional accessory. Anisotropy measurement by using automatic polarizer.

Specifications :

Item Description
Operation mode PC operation
Wavelength range 200-900 nm (both Ex & Em)
Light source 150W Xenon lamp (self-deozonating lamp house)
Wavelength Accuracy 2 nm
Sensitivity 800 or more (RMS)
Bandpass 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 nm (both Ex and Em)
Wavelength scan speed 30-30,000 nm/min (seven steps)

Applications : F-4600 can be used to analyse samples in the fields of material, environmental, chemical and biological applications. Samples could be in the form of solid or liquid.

Following are few examples of its applications -

• Measurement of fluorescent spectra of CD/Se quantum dots
• Measurement of DNA with PicoGreen
• Measurement of green fluorescent protein (GFP)
• Measurement of chlorophyll a in river water
• 3-D fluorescence spectrum of Pheophytin a
• Analysis of luminescent characteristic of trisaluminum complex powder
   (organic EL material)
• Phosphorescence spectrum and lifetime measurements of Eu(tta)3 (TOPO)2 complex, a rare   earth material
• Measurement of intermolecular activities such as FRET, BRET and Ca2+ concentration
   in cells
• Phosphorescence Excitation Spectrum of Benzophenone at Liquid N2 Temperature