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Multi discussion from ZEISS

Multi discussion from ZEISS

Share Your Images with Other Viewers

You can use the classic multidiscussion system for training and consultation situations as well as in the medical world, for example when training students or when jointly assessing difficult specimens.
With the multidiscussion unit from ZEISS, depending on the microscope and illumination used, up to 20 people can see the same image in the same orientation as the main viewer. This avoids irritation resulting from rotated or mirrored images. The main viewer and the additional viewers all profit from the homogeneously illuminated field of view. For specimens stained with different colors, you can smoothly adjust the intensity of the light pointer between white, green, and red. This helps with orientation.


Axio Lab.A1: up to two additional viewers
Axio Scope.A1: up to ten additional viewers (HAL 50)
or up to 20 additional viewers (HAL 100)