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Micro Electron Spin Resonance ( ESR ) TM Oil Analyzer

Micro Electron Spin Resonance ( ESR ) TM Oil Analyzer

Active Spectrum's on-line Micro-ESRTM sensor is the world's first industrial process monitoring instrument that provides real-time, embedded, nondestructive measurement of free radicals and transition metals.

Active Spectrum's on-line Micro-ESR sensor uses the principle of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR/EPR) spectroscopy to measure the composition and concentration of free radicals in any fluid or solid sample.


Parameter X-band (9.5 GHz)
Sensitivity 0.1 µM
Minimum sample volume 100 µL
Magnet Assembly 3480 + 150 Gauss
Magnetic Field Uniformity 0.25 Gauss
Supply Voltage 15 VDC / 6.7A (120V/240V Wall Adapter Included)
Data Interfaces Ethernet and USB
Temperature Controller Included
Dimensions 12"x8"x5"H
Internal Bore Diameter ø4.0 mm
Maximum Pressure 100 psi
Fluid Fittings 1/4" Swagelok
Maximum Oil Inlet Temperature 160°C
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +55°C
Supply Voltage 12-32 VDC / 2.5A


Crude Oil Analysis-Vanadium and Asphaltene Detection limits: 1 ppm (Vanadium) 0.05% (Asphaltene
Online process monitoring -additives and impurities Hazardous location enclosures and PLC interface available.)
Catalyst coking Measure coke, Vanadium Pentoxide, other contaminants
Marine Fuel Dilution of Lubricants Measure Residual Fuel Dilution (RFD)
Soot in Lubricants Correlates to ASTM D7844
Oxidation in Lubricants and Hydraulic Oils Correlates to ASTM D7414
Thermal Coking of Gearbox and Turbine Oils Real-time measurement.