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Elispot Plate Readers - CTL-ImmunoSpot® S6 FluoroSpot Line

Elispot Plate Readers, CTL-ImmunoSpot® S6 FluoroSpot Line

CTL-ImmunoSpot® S6 FluoroSpot Line

The S6 FluoroSpot Analyzer line is CTL's most advanced series of analyzers, being designed to support both visible light assays (e.g. ELISPOT, colony counting) and fluorescence-based FluoroSpot assays. Its mechanical design allows efficient switch back and forth between the visible light and fluorescent modes, and its multi-filter design allows one to take advantage of the entire fluorescence-based spectrum.

Selectable fluorescence cubes allow ultraviolet excitation wavelengths to be fine-tuned for a wide range of fluorochromes. The standard cube provides two filters and is optimized for combinations of two fluorochromes (FITC and PE, FITC and TRITC, or other fluorochromes with similar spectral properties), with room for future expansion.

The S6 FluoroSpot Analyzer line provides unmatched versatility without sacrificing image quality, resolution, or performance. Its 7 x zoom lens lets the Analyzer capture distortion-free images of the entire well bottom while allowing the user to zoom in further to observe finer details. The S6 Line also provides exceptional speed for single-cell analysis
applications-generating results up to 120 times faster than flow cytometry, for example, when performing rare event analysis.

Applications :

• Cell viability tests
• Apoptosis tests
• In vivo/in vitro cytotoxicity measurements using cells labeled with fluorescent dyes