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Elispot Plate Readers - CTL - ImmunoSpot® S6 Macro Analyzer

Elispot Plate Readers - CTL - ImmunoSpot® S6 Macro Analyzer

CTL-ImmunoSpot® S6 Macro Analyzer

The S6 Macro is CTL's versatile model for image acquisition at the 96-well to Petri dish range and for the analysis of many classical assays, in addition to ELISPOT. These include bacterial-, yeast-, stem cell- and tumor colony counting and viral plaque assays. The S6 Macro includes SmartLuxT, CTL's proprietary upper and backlight, which intelligently customizes the illumination of the instrument dependent on the assay type. Specific to ELISPOT, SmartLuxT enhances dual color analysis and separation of overlapping spots. The S6 Macro is ideally suited for counting objects <100 µm in size. The S6 Macro is, therefore, "many readers in one" for counting. S6 Macros are upgradeable with stackers for high-throughput analysis and a GLP package for work in a regulated environment. The S6 Macro is ideally suited for users who need versatility working with different traditional assay types that require image analysis in the macroscopic range.

Unique Features and Specifications :

• High resolution digital color camera
• Versatile scanning options for scanning and analysis of all plate types in the Petri-Dish to 96-well format for analysis of morphometric analysis applications including ELISPOT, colony counting, most viral plaque, and clonogenic assays
• SmartLuxT- CTL's intelligent lighting system including proprietary upper and lower illumination for even illumination of well surface and plate bottom providing ideal image quality
• Fully loaded with ImmunoSpot® Academic Software
• Readily used in a GLP environment
• One year warranty included. Subsequent service contracts available.