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Elispot Plate Readers - CTL - ImmunoSpot® S6 Core Analyzer

Elispot Plate Readers - CTL - ImmunoSpot® S6 Core Analyzer

CTL-ImmunoSpot® S6 Core Analyzer

The S6 Core is CTL's dedicated model that has been fine tailored for ELISPOT work in the 96-well format, however, it can be customized to provide fixed magnification for 6-, 12-, 24-, or 384-well plates with superior image quality. It features high-end optics and cameras-permitting to counting objects as small as >25 µm in size which can be critical for certain ELISPOT assays, including TNF and perforin measurements. The S6 Core ideally lends itself for GLP and high-throughput upgrades. The S6 Core instrument is ideally suited for users who do one particular type of assay while having the highest expectations for image and analysis quality.

Unique Features and Specifications :

• High Resolution
• 96-well plate format (available in Petri-48 well format through BioSpot® line)
• Application specific illumination system
• Automatic autocentering for clear and white plates
• Fully loaded with CTL Academic Software
• Warranty included. Additional service contracts available.
• Readily used in GLP compliant laboratories. Upgradeable for 21CFR Part 11 compliancy with ImmunoComplianceT