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SPHYNX Automotive

Catalyst Testing Systems

Test and verify under real process conditions - ensuring production and quality inspection by our catalyst testing facilities

Using the newly developed test equipment for quality assurance, production of catalysts can be made more reliable and reproducible. A parallel reactor rig with downstream analysis Online shortened test intervals significantly compared to manual testing. The system offers the possibility of activity and selectivity tests of monoliths according to a predefined program schedule carry.

What makes the system work ?

• 2-8 reactors
• Temperature, space velocity and gas mixtures can be varied
• Reproducibility by reliable test results
• Control PC for your experiment planning and evaluation
• Windows PC with GUI / SCADA Software

Where (to) the system is applied ?

• Product quality inspection
• Analysis of newly developed catalysts
• Research and Development

Standard configuration

• Restek® coating of reactors
• Maximum temperature 750 ° C
• Pressure: atmospheric
• Monolith size Length x Width x Diameter: 150 mm x 28 mm, 35 mm
• Up to 15 different gas mixtures are possible
• Gas flow rate max. 100 l / min
• Liquid flow rate 10 ml / min per reactor