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SPR100 / X 100ml autoclave system

Parallel reactor system for heterogeneous catalysis in the gas phase and transient kinetic material tests.

The Switch16 was developed with the Institute of Recherches sur la Catalyse (IRCE) in Lyon and is a reactor system with 16 cylindrical cartridges as reactors filled with catalyst material and can be replaced quickly.
Switch16 allows the determination of high-quality data, and is therefore applied for kinetic and material studies.

What makes the system work ?

• 16 heated reactors
• Uniform conditions in the reactors (pressure, flow, temperature)
• Individual temperature measurement
• corresponding thereto Switching between non-stationary statesOption of second liquid evaporation and gas supply
• Control PC for your experiment planning and evaluation
• Windows PC with GUI / SCADA Software

Where (to) the system is applied ?

• Heterogeneous Catalysis the gas phase
• Parallel testing of catalysts, adsorbents and reaction conditions
• Transient kinetic studies, such as product analysis over time, rapid deactivation studies
• Breakthrough measurements
• Denox

Standard configuration :

• Gas flow rate: 200 ml / min / reactor
• Liquid flow rate: 0.2 g / min / reactor

Other flow rates possible!

• max. Temperature: 550 ° C
• max. Pressure: 13 bar
• Bed volume: 4 ml