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SPR100 / X 100ml autoclave system

Autoclave System

Fast and parallel testing of X homogeneous or heterogeneous catalytic multiphase reactions

Following the success of the new system in 2007 SPR16 an established, based on the principle SPR16. The SPR100 / X is a modular system with 100 ml reactors, internal cooling function, flexible supply of media and individual Rhroptionen. The basic unit consists of two reactors which can be extended by two further.

What makes the system work?

• Modular construction of two, ie independent batch reactors on the basis of a two-unit
• Temperature, pressure, stirring speed in X reactors individually adjustable!
• the reactors can be used as a CSTR or series of CSTR
• Polyolefinoption (see below)
• Automatic gas / liquid supply
• Control PC for your experiment planning and evaluation
• Windows PC with GUI / SCADA Software

Where (to) the system is applied?

• heterogeneous and homogeneous multiphase reactions
• Hydrogenation
• Polymerization
• Carbonylation
• Hydroformylation, oxidation or hydrogenolysis
• Polyolefinexperimente with ethylene and propylene supply

Standard configuration

• Reactorvolumen: 100 ml
• max. Pressure: 150 bar
• Stirring speed: 0-800 rpm