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SPR16generation2 - Slurry Phase Reactor System

Slurry Phase Reactor System

Fast and parallel testing of 16 homogeneous or heterogeneous multiphase reactions in 15ml autoclave

The automatic liquid phase reactor system SPR16 was part of the European project COMBICAT developed in 2002 together with the Dutch chemicals group DSM. After seven successful years on the market took place in 2009, a further development of the system - the SPR16generation2, for which many of our customers experiences formed the basis.

What makes the system work?

• 16 independently controllable reactor units
• Temperature, pressure and stirrer can be adjusted individually!
• Gas / liquid feed can be varied
• Patented sampling
• Control PC for your experiment planning and evaluation
• Customizable GUI / SCADA Software

Quality improvement of the overall process through efficient data capture and fully automated operation

The system can also be extended with the following additional modules :

• Hochtemperaturheizmodul
• Liquid Flow Module
• Gas sampler
• Continuous Feed Modules
• Slurry Filter
• Catalyst baskets

Where (to) the system is applied?

• Testing of catalysts, fluids, Co-Agents & solvents
• Depending on pressure and temperature
• Kinetic studies and mass transfer studies
• Fine Chemicals, Life Science and Polymer Chemistry
• Variety of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis multiphase reactions: hydrogenation, Carbonilierung, hydroformylation, oxidation, hydrogenolysis

Standard configuration :

• Reactorvolumen: 15 ml
• max. Pressure: up to 150 bar
• max. Temperature: to 250 ° C in the pre-treatment, 220 ° C during the reactions
• Stirring speed: 0 - 2000rpm