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HSS 86.50 Head Space Sampler

Master SHS Static Headspace Sampler

The HSS 86.50 Head Space Sampler is the ideal system for efficient extraction and introduction of volatile compounds from any non-volatile matrix directly into the gas chromatograph.

Liquid or solid samples are placed in sealed vials and thermostatted in a temperature-controlled oven. The vial is pressurized and volatiles are swept from the sample headspace into the fixed volume sampling loop. The use of the carrier gas flow through the loop enables the transfer of the volatiles into the gas chromatographic column.

The reliable Valve&Loop configuration delivers high sensitivity and outstanding analytical performance, meeting and exceeding the specifications given in an array of regulatory standards. Excellent analytical precision and accuracy are achieved with complete automation and extreme simplicity. Moreover, the HSS 86.50 Head Space Samper offers an easy and flexible management of all operating parameters and analytical conditions permitting the unattended analysis of up to 44 samples.