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Master Combi
( Multi-Task Autosampler & Sample Handling Station )

Multi-Task Autosampler & Sample Handling Station

DANI Master COMBI is a unique complete robotic platform incorporating the most common sampling and extraction techniques for a holistic approach in sample preparation and injection in a GC/MS system.

The multi-task autosampler integrates the "Valve&Loop" Static Headspace, Dynamic Headspace or Purge&Trap with SPME and Liquid Injection, featuring the benefits of the world renewed robotic platform highly configurable for sample handling and preparation, including derivatization, dilution, standard addition, in-vial extraction. Full integration with

PAL RTC platform extends the capability in one single system.
DANI Master COMBI is ideally mated to the Master GC-TOFMS to conveniently exploit faster GC analyses, as well as compatible with third party GC systems for maximum versatility in configuration.
DANI Master COMBI delivers the highest analytical flexibility to sequence different sample matrices and dedicated methods for unattended around-the-clock operation.