Master P&T ( Purge and Trap )

Master Purge and Trap

The DANI Master P&T is offering the most versatile, high performing Purge&Trap automatic volatiles extraction technique for ultra-trace VOCs analysis.

It represents the ultimate solution for environmental applications as well as Food, Chemicals, Pharma, Cosmetics and every time extreme sensitivity for volatiles is required.

Master P&T provides the most versatile in-vial purging process, eliminating cross-contamination and carryover typical of classical P&T.

The inert gas is directly bubbling through the liquid sample into a disposable 20 mL vial, sweeping the purgeable compounds into a trap kept at sub-ambient temperature for sample enrichment.

- No liquid sample path
- No glass sparkle

Exploit the flexibility to handle any type of sample matrices like liquids, solids or semisolids or wider analytes concentration range with the same hardware configuration, with no need of additional devices or dilutors; just collect your sample into the disposable vial, and run the analysis.

Enjoy upmost repeatable results thanks to a sophisticated control of all the parameters and the highly precise electronic flow regulation during the purging step.
The minimized sample handling and the extended automation of all the steps ensure highly reliable and reproducible results even for less experienced end-users.

- No cross-contamination
- Enhanced productivity with extended automation
- Compliance with EPA methods
- User-friendly instrumental control