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Master AS ( Liquid Autosampler )

Master As Liquid Autosampler

The MASTER AS Liquid Autosampler, a robotic X-Y-Z coordinate sampling system, delivers superior flexibility, repeatability, and performance to increase sample throughput and meet each laboratory's changing workload.

The extremely flexible MASTER AS features three separate and removable 2-mL vial racks for a total capacity of 160 samples. Furthermore, 10-mL and 20-mL vial racks are also available for a capacity of 65 samples. The autosampler has a capacity for up to five 10-mL solvent vials and up to five 10-mL waste vials, eliminating carry-over and presenting numerous solvent possibilities. Additionally, the sample trays are far from the GC oven, preventing possible sample degradation and solvent evaporation caused by heat exposure.

All injection parameters can be optimized according to the laboratory's needs, the sample type, and the application. The MASTER AS allows the utilization of up to seven different syringe capacity types ranging from 5 µL to 500 µL, offering a great choice of injection volumes from 0.1 µL to 500 µL. The syringe can be easily exchanged by using the Syringe Replacement function, which brings the Y axis of the MASTER AS to a handy position.