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Master TD ( Thermal Desorber )

Master TD Thermal Desorber

The MASTER TD Thermal Desorber offers superior sensitivity, versatility, and productivity for the extraction of volatile and semi-volatile compounds from air and solid matrices.
Excellent analytical performance is guaranteed by the two-stage thermal desorption process. The first stage consists of a pre-concentration step, while the second comprises the patented "Instant Desorption" of the trap that assures the transfer of analytes as a narrow band into the GC column.

Solid samples are placed directly into the sampling tubes, while gaseous matrices can be sampled into tubes filled with one or more sorbent materials or sampled straight onto the trap by using the MASTER Air Sampler, which automates the sampling from ambient, gas streams, canisters or sampling bags.

The MASTER TD, combined with the MASTER GC, is the solution of choice for air monitoring and the analyses of soil, polymers, packaging materials etc. Moreover, it exceeds specifications given in the U.S. EPA key regulations for air sampling: TO-14, TO-15, and TO-17, as well as other norms.